The Contest Rules

Guess the average CO2 ppm

On August 8, 2015 between 8am and 10am we took the eosGP out on the North West Arm in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The water temperature was 18°C.  What was the average CO2 ppm?

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1 entry per person and the closest answer without going over wins

Only NA/European Undergraduate and Graduate students can participate 

Until November 4, 2016 4pm

North West Arm, Halifax, NS

The Prize: 1 eosGP  Value: $1,550 USD

(calibrated for 0-50k CO2)

eosGP carbon dioxide concentration probe

The eosGP is a compact, waterproof CO2 concentration probe for continuous, accurate, in situ monitoring in harsh environments, and can withstand anything from searing summers to freezing winters.

eosGP probes are used to collect carbon dioxide concentration data for research into challenges such as carbon sequestration in soil, rivers, and lakes.

Chief Scientist Nick Nickerson and I decided to take the equipment out for a weekend drive to gather some survey-style flux measurements.

We deployed the GasScouter and eosAC system at Dalhousie University’s Bio-Environmental Engineering Centre (BEEC).