Novel Insights From State of the Art Greenhouse Gas Analyzers

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 @ 9.00am ADT/ET
7.00am CT, 6.00am MT, 5.00am PT, 12.00pm UK

Times and Schedule to be announced after registration.

What is a Twitter Symposium?...

A virtual conference that takes place entirely on Twitter! The symposium features presentations directly on twitter using a series of tweets with the hashtag #GHGSymp19.

Why have a Twitter Symposium?...

This low-carbon, cost-free conference allows researchers to come together to share their research without the cost of travelling and attending a conference. Anyone is able to present and/or attend.

How to attend?...

You can join as a presenter by submitting an abstract below by June 1st, 2019. Presenters will be given time slots to share their research via a series of tweets using the hashtag #GHGSymp19. Participants can attend by following the hashtag throughout the days of the symposium.

Follow @Eosense and @Picarro for Twitter updates on the symposium!

Eosense and Picarro have tweeted valuable content at conferences, and now we have decided to take things one step further by hosting an online conference entirely on Twitter – no need to hop on a flight or book a hotel to attend or present!

The Twitter symposium will follow the same format as any conference; it will be broken down into 3 sessions, each run by a keynote tweeter. The theme for the 2019 Twitter Symposium is Novel insights from state of the art greenhouse gas analyzers. This is an opportunity to present powerful greenhouse gas emission research that has been collected using high-precision analyzers. We are looking for presenters, or should I say tweeters, for the following sessions:

  1. Wetland Research
  2. Agricultural Soil Research
  3. Other Soil Research(such as Arctic, Forestry)

Abstracts due by

June 10, 2019.

Each presenter will be introduced by Eosense or Picarro, to which they will reply to that post with up to five tweets of their own to present their research. Old posters can definitely be used – and encouraged! The posts can simply be presenting a poster or can follow the format of a research study – an introduction, methods, results and conclusion/summary. Graphs, images, video’s, etc are strongly encouraged to engage the audience. The audience will be able to ask questions or give comments directly on your posts – which you can answer after the symposium.

Hashtag for the symposium


We will be updating this page with a schedule and more in depth information for presenters/participants later on. For now, we need tweeters to present at the conference. Please fill out with the link below to register for this event and submit your abstract! We look forward to seeing what you all have been working on this year!

Rules and regulations:

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