The eosAC delivers automated, accurate, multi-species soil gas flux measurements in environments ranging from tropical rainforests to tidal marshes.  Users can connect up to 12 automated chambers to their greenhouse gas analyzer.  The eosAC is compatible with both LGR and Picarro analyzers.

eosAC soil flux chamber for LGR and Picarro

eosAC Soil Flux Chamber
Our automated, recirculating soil flux chamber measures multi-species gas fluxes.

Application Notes
Case Study

eosMX multiplexer for eosAC soil flux

 eosMX Chamber Multiplexer
Our recirculating multiplexer connects up to 12 autochambers to your gas analyzer.  Compatible with LGR and Picarro analyzers.

Application Notes
Case Study

eosAC soil gas flux chamber in strawberry field

Request for Research Proposals

Eosense is seeking proposals to use our equipment for 3-4 month period; either as part of an existing study or to generate data from a short pilot-scale study. Click below to know more and download the application.

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