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Are you an environmental consultant working on a challenging remediation project?

Contact us today to see how monitoring CO2 flux can help you with your project!

Eosense is actively seeking out industry partners for collaboration on environmental remediation projects. Examples of potential projects include:

Natural Source Zone Depletion

Continuous monitoring of CO2 flux helps to quantify the rate of natural source zone depletion.


Continuous monitoring of CO2 flux provides high resolution evidence of treatment effectiveness.


Continuous monitoring of CO2 flux can ensure greater progress during the treatment season.

Don’t see your project listed above? No problem! Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your project!


Eosense is a Dartmouth, Nova Scotia based company that designs, develops and manufactures greenhouse gas measurement devices. The company was founded by soil scientists and engineers who sought to improve the way we measure environmental gases in the field. Since then we have proven our technology and our expertise. We focus on the measurement of soil gas flux – the movement of gases into and out of the soil. Currently we are well established as a research product sales company within the academic community. However, we are now looking to expand our product suite by developing tools for data analytics and data visualization geared toward environmental consultants, remediation contractors and others working in the environmental remediation industry.

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