Picarro Gas Analyzers

Greenhouse gas exchange between soil and the atmosphere is critical in the global nitrogen and carbon cycles, and Picarro gas analyzers measure all major GHGs.

Eosense offers the only recirculating soil flux chamber solution for Picarro systems. Our software provides convenient chamber scheduling, and data post-processing and visualization, on the Picarro desktop. eosAC and eosMX are compatible with these Picarro models: G2131-i, G2132-i, G2201-i, G2301, G2308, G2401, and G2508.

eosAC soil flux chambers and eosMX multiplexer are offered with Picarro gas analyzers, to deliver a complete data gathering and processing system for soil gas flux projects.

Highlighted Picarro Analyzers

Picarro G2508

The G2508 gas analyzer radically simplifies soil gas flux studies by simultaneously measuring five gases to provide a complete picture of soil greenhouse gas emissions.

Picarro G2508 Gas Analyzer

Picarro G2508 gas analyzer in the field.

  • Simultaneously measures five gases — N2O, CH4, CO2, NH3, and H2O.
  • Parts-per-billion sensitivity brings excellent rate-of-rise quantification.
  • Rapid response time and continuous measurements provide data at high
    temporal resolution.
  • Integrates easily with chamber systems. Field-proven platform.
  • Automatically corrects data for presence of water vapor

Picarro G2308

The G2308 gas analyzer is a revolutionary soil flux analyzer that provides a complete view of greenhouse gas exchange between soil and air.

  • PPB precision of N2O and CH4 at ambient concentrations and beyond
  • Integrates easily with chamber systems
  • Operates with closed or open loop systems
  • Automatically calculates and reports dry mol fraction
  • Detects and flags data with potential interferences

Picarro/eosAC/eosMX Packages

eosAC Trek
  • Picarro G2508
  • 6 eosAC
  • 1 eosMX (or eosMX-P)
  • 6 month support package
eosAC Expedition
  • Picarro G2508
  • 12 eosAC
  • 1 eosMX (or eosMX-P)
  • 1 year support package

Eosense works with Picarro to provide quotes for the above packages.

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