LGR Gas Analyzers

Los Gatos Research (LGR) offers the ground-breaking Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (UGGA) that reports measurements of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor simultaneously in a package that is compact and crushproof.

Eosense has partnered with LGR to develop an equally portable eosMX-P multiplexer plus eosAC support for the LGR ultraportable gas analyzers (UGGA), delivering sophisticated data gathering and processing system for soil gas flux projects.


Los Gatos Research Ultraportable Gas Analyzer


Small enough to be carried on-board aircraft (TSA approved size) and requiring only 70 watts, the UGGA travels anywhere, initiates data collection within 100 seconds after power up, may be operated wirelessly with an iPhone or Tablet, and opens up new opportunities to measure GHG everywhere.

  • User-cleanable optics and fully controllable via the internet
  • All gases measured simultaneously and reported in dry mole fraction
  • Only 15 kg, uses 70 watts and can be operated with battery or AC power
  • Extended Range option allows methane measurements at levels up to 10%
  • Species-specific – no cross interference

eosAC/eosMX/UGGA Packages

eosAC Trek
  • 6 eosAC
  • 1 eosMX-P (or eosMX)
  • 6 month support package
eosAC Expedition
  • 12 eosAC
  • 1 eosMX-P (or eosMX)
  • 1 year support package

Eosense works with LGR and their distributors to provide quotes for the above packages.

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