The eosMX or eosMX-P soil gas flux chamber multiplexer connects up to 12 eosAC soil gas flux chambers to your Los Gatos Research, Picarro or Gasmet (additional gases below) gas analyzer for measurements of CO2 CH4 N2O. The eosLink-MX software allows you to easily manage multiplexed eosAC chamber schedules. The eosMX works with a number of leading gas analyzers, and is the only recirculating multiplexer available for the LGR UGGA and Picarro analyzers.

eosMX-P portable multiplexer

eosMX-P portable multiplexer

Your Choice of Chamber Multiplexer


Eosense’s eosMX-P rugged portable soil gas flux chamber multiplexer designed to complement portable analyzers, such as the LGR UGGA, Picarro’s GasScouter and Gasmet’s DX4040. The eosMX-P is housed in a military-grade case to protect it from the rigors of life in the field.


The eosMX is designed to fit neatly onto the Picarro G2000 family of greenhouse gas analyzers, for convenient system setup in the field.

eosMX / eosMX-P Features
  • Recirculating multiplexer
  • Runs up 12 eosAC soil gas flux chambers
  • LGR gas analyzer-compatible
  • Picarro gas analyzer-compatible
  • Gasmet gas analyzer-compatible (+ NH3, CO, H2O vapour)
  • eosLink-MX scheduling software
  • Easy setup – just power and USB
eosMX Chamber Multiplexer

eosMX multiplexer

eosMX Specifications Highlights*
  • Compatibility: LGR gas analyzers; Picarro gas analyzers; Gasmet gas analyzers Windows-based computers
  • Sampling Ports: 24 Swagelok (12 inlet and 12 outlet, recirculating)
  • Electrical Ports: 12 soil gas flux chamber-compatible connectors
  • Power: 100 V AC to 240 V AC PSU (autoswitching)
    • Peak: < 12 W + 8 W per eosAC
    • Idle: < 12 W
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 46 cm x 43 cm x 14 cm / 18 in x 17 in x 5.5 in
  • Weight: 12 kg / 26.5 lb
  • Communications: USB control, chamber data
  • Software: Windows-based eosLink-MX scheduling software

*eosMX-P specifications available upon request

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