eosAC soil flux chamber

Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Products


The robust soil gas flux chamber, ideal for temperate and tropical climates. Aluminum construction resists corrosion and physical damage, low-snag design, and extra ports for integrating data feeds such as soil temperature and moisture.

Specially priced packages that combine up to 12 autochambers with an eosMX or eosMX-P multiplexer, and LGR or Picarro gas analyzers.


eosMX chamber multiplexer

eosMX / eosMX-P

Designed to connect up to 12 eosAC autochambers to LGR or Picarro gas analyzers. The eosMX chamber multiplexer comes with Windows-based scheduling software.

The new eosMX-P is the portable variant of the eosMX, housed in a rugged, military-grade case, similar to the LGR UGGA.


eosFD soil CO2 flux sensor


The eosFD is a revolutionary soil CO2 flux sensor that uses Eosense’s patented Forced Diffusion technology to measure soil CO2 flux directly. The eosFD is completely standalone—requiring only a minimal power source—delivering spatial freedom at any scale and opening up all sorts of possibilities for research.



eosGP CO2 concentration probe


Waterproof in-situ CO2 concentration probe for soil and shallow water. Captures continuous concentration and temperature data for prolonged periods and is compatible with major dataloggers. Can be deployed in temperatures from -20 C to +50 C in rivers, lakes and coastal waters to 3 m, and under snow pack. Includes Windows-based software for visualizing and recording data.