Eosense’s soil flux chambers, sensors, and concentration probes enable research scientists and engineers around the world to capture GHG data with continuity, precision, and convenience. These rugged environmental gas monitoring instruments are deployed around the globe offering excellent performance in harsh field conditions.

The eosAC/eosMX combination delivers the only recirculating solution for LGR UGGA and Picarro gas analyzers, providing researchers with an excellent platform for multi-species analysis. For scientists who require total freedom from spatial constraints, the eosFD is the ultimate solution for soil CO2 flux data collection—not only does it eliminate the the hassle of generating flux data, but it needs no more than a modest power source to operate—no additional equipment. The eosGP is designed for researchers who require a fully waterproof CO2 concentration probe at a price their research budget can afford.

eosAC soil flux chamber

Environmental Gas Monitoring Products


The robust soil gas flux chamber, ideal for temperate and tropical climates. Aluminum construction resists corrosion and physical damage, low-snag design, and extra ports for integrating data feeds such as soil temperature and moisture.

Specially priced packages that combine up to 12 autochambers with an eosMX or eosMX-P multiplexer, and LGR or Picarro gas analyzers.


eosMX chamber multiplexer

eosMX / eosMX-P

Designed to connect up to 12 eosAC autochambers to LGR or Picarro gas analyzers. The eosMX chamber multiplexer comes with Windows-based scheduling software.

The new eosMX-P is the portable variant of the eosMX, housed in a rugged, military-grade case, similar to the LGR UGGA.


eosFD soil CO2 flux sensor


The eosFD is a revolutionary soil CO2 flux sensor that uses Eosense’s patented Forced Diffusion technology to measure soil CO2 flux directly. The eosFD is completely standalone—requiring only a minimal power source—delivering spatial freedom at any scale and opening up all sorts of possibilities for research.



eosGP CO2 concentration probe


Waterproof in-situ CO2 concentration probe for soil and shallow water. Captures continuous concentration and temperature data for prolonged periods and is compatible with major dataloggers. Can be deployed in temperatures from -20 C to +50 C in rivers, lakes and coastal waters to 3 m, and under snow pack. Includes Windows-based software for visualizing and recording data.