Monitor Gas Migration with continuity and accuracy with eosFD

Why measure Gas Migration?

  • Regulatory Compliance 

Mandatory within 30 to 90 days of rig release (AER Directive 20), mandatory on all well abandonments in Saskatchewan, manditory on wells without casings.

  • Public Safety & Health

Migrating gases can build up in confined spaces and create explosion and asphyxiation risks. 

  • Environmental Stewardship

Methane is a potent Greenhouse Gas, with a global warming potential 25 times higher than Carbon Dioxide. 

Benefits of Measuring Gas Flux 

  • Stability 

Soil gas concentrations can be highly variable depending on soil types and environmental conditions. Flux (emission rate) of a gas is comparatively very stable, allowing for a more robust identification and monitoring of Gas Migration issues. 

  • Rates of Emission

Flux measurement is the only way to truly understand the rate of Gas Migration through the soil. 

  • Minimized Site Disturbance

Flux measurement techniques are installed at the surface minimizing soil disturbance associated with testing for Gas Migration. 

eosFD - Continuous emissions monitoring

  • eosFD Measures Flux 

Estimate the magnitude of Gas Migration in cubic meters per day and intelligently evaluate which assets need the most attention. 

  • Continuous Data with Complete Autonomy

eosFD generates one emission measurement every 10 minutes allowing the user to capture long term Gas Migration trends and short term events. Continuous data also means no waiting for long lead time laboratory analysis. 

  • Minimized Measurement Down Time

Membrane technology and low power mean that flux measurements with eosFD can be made year round in the toughest conditions. 

  • Limit Human Resources Time

eosFD is totally autonomous and can be left on site with no need for human intervention.

Learn more about what Eosense and eosFD can do for you!

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