Bringing temperate waterways into the global carbon cycle model

Bringing temperate waterways (streams and rivers) into global carbon cycle models

Using measurements of temperature, alkalinity and pH, high-resolution surface area, and morphological data, researchers were able to quantify CO2 efflux from low order temperate streams and rivers across the contiguous United States. Offgassing of carbon dioxide from these systems was shown to be a considerable proportion (~10%) of the net ecosystem exchange.


Using these parameters, the Butman and Raymond (2011) were able to extrapolate CO2 flux estimates and found a fivefold increase in CO2 evasion from streams and rivers when compared with current estimates. Given this information, including CO2 flux from streams and rivers in global carbon cycling models appears to be the next move in piecing together the big picture.

Butman and Raymond (2011), “Significant efflux of carbon dioxide from streams and rivers in the United States”.

Full article on ResearchGate

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