News Release: Eosense Delivers a Revolutionary Soil CO2 Flux Sensor for Field Research

December 15, 2015 – San Francisco, CA, USA
eosFD in Reynolds Creek, ID

eosFD in Reynolds Creek, ID (Photo: Alexandra Rozin)

Eosense, a specialist in environmental gas monitoring devices, today announces the availability of the eosFD portable soil carbon dioxide flux sensor. Featuring built-in data logging and impressively low power consumption, its standalone design enables deployment of arrays that span metres to kilometres of spatial coverage.

The eosFD also eliminates data post-processing effort and errors with its patented “Forced Diffusion” technology that measures soil flux directly. (

“FD was originally developed for challenging projects in Canada and the Antarctic. In fact, my Antarctic FD has now delivered year-round CO2 soil fluxes for 5 years running, on a small solar panel,” said Dave Risk, Chair, Earth Sciences, St. Francis Xavier University, and Co-founder, Eosense, “Now, scientists everywhere can benefit from this harsh-region heritage, its flexibility, and a much-improved design.”

Its minimal 1.6 kg weight and power requirement make the eosFD the first truly portable CO2 flux sensor, enabling field researchers to leave them unattended in the field for up to a year.

“The eosFD is why we created this company — it’s the first commercial sensor to change the way flux is measured,” said Nick Nickerson, Chief Scientist, Eosense. “Forced Diffusion results in something quite different from traditional methods, we are looking forward to the creative ways in which scientists will use it”

You can see the eosFD in action, along with Eosense’s other gas monitoring devices, and learn more about Forced Diffusion at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco this week, at booth 843 (

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