Ocean Sciences Meeting: Report from the Floor

OSM 2016 Poster Hall

Poster hall, Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016

The Ocean Sciences Meeting is overwhelming in the range and depth of ocean science research that is covered; it is mind boggling and so humbling to see what is being studied.

A huge THANK YOU to the following people who have taken the time to sit down and chat with me about their research: Kristin Bulpett, Ariane Arias-Ortiz, Dr. Tatsuki Tokoro, Melissa Ward, Brady O’Donnell, and Catherine (Kate) Davis, Heidi Hirsh, and Lindsay Martin! These meetings have been the highlight of the conference for me.


Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016 in New Orleans

I had a discussion with a Ph.D.-level scientist about how OSM is such a friendly conference that it is informal enough to break down barriers between the very well-studied long-time professors and the ‘lowly’ undergraduates who are just entering the world of academia. They noted that the FREE beer breaks could very well be a key part of that!

Speaking of friendly, I overheard one of the ladies who works at the convention center say that this group of people is the friendliest group they have had.

New Orleans is an amazing city, and the food has been incredible! Today I had an oyster bacon sandwich with butterscotch root beer for lunch, and the coffee is pretty amazing as well, thank goodness.

Looking forward to the rest of the conference!

Collette Robertson, Scientific Content Coordinator

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