News Release: Rugged Portability from New Greenhouse Gas Soil Flux System for Field Research

December 10, 2015 – Dartmouth, NS, Canada
eosMX-P portable multiplexer

eosMX-P portable multiplexer

Eosense, a specialist in environmental gas monitoring devices, today announces the new eosMX-P portable recirculating multiplexer alongside of the updated eosAC soil flux chamber. Both devices now offer support for the Los Gatos Research (LGR) Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analyzers (

“Eosense’s support for our ultraportable gas analyzers comes at a good time since we recently extended our lineup with analyzers for N2O and NH3, to go along with the UGGA for CH4, CO2 and H2O,” said Fabio Galetti, Sales Manager for Los Gatos Research, “We are especially excited about the eosMX-P as it gives our customers a solution packaged to match the field performance of our own equipment.”

The combination gives researchers a multi-species GHG soil flux system built for the rigors of field work. Both companies protect the delicate equipment in robust military-grade cases (

eosAC chambers have always combined toughness with straightforward setup, and the included eosAnalyze data processing software saves time and money by letting scientists respond to results before they return from the field site.

“Our support for LGR equipment was a no brainer – their highly portable analyzers, with low power requirements, are attractive to researchers,” said Nick Nickerson, Chief Scientist at Eosense. “And with our eosAC and eosMX-P chamber system you can get continuous multi-species gas flux data pretty much anywhere you want.”

Both companies are showcasing their systems at the upcoming AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. Eosense will be in booth 843 and Los Gatos Research in booth 505.

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