ICOS 2018 Recap!

A quick four days in one of the world’s most beautiful cities!

The third ICOS Science Conference was held at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague from September 11th to September 13th, 2018. This year participants from all over the world gathered to share research and ideas based on the conference theme – Biogases and Cycles. Eosense attended the conference to present our new ICOS compliant chamber and meet with familiar faces.

Day 1: Registration and Ice Breaker Reception

  • Landed in Prague at 7:00 am local time
  • Checked in at the JIH Dormitory on campus and registered for #ICOS2018SC. Registration was fast and easy thanks to the conference organizers!

Registration package

  • The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the city that looked like something out of a Renaissance Gothic fairy-tale!
  • Visited the Prague Castle

Beautiful Prague Castle and courtyard

FUN FACT: Dating back to the 9th Century, the Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world! It was home to Holy Roman emperors and is still home to the Bohemian crown jewels!

  • Headed to Klub C for the ICOS conference ice breaker reception in the evening, saw some familiar names and faces – everyone looked happy to be reunited with fellow scientists!


Day 2: First Official Day of the Conference

  • Morning speakers focused on bridging the gap between policy makers and scientists, an important issue and common theme throughout the conference
    • Giacomo Grassi set the tone for the conference with a very interesting presentation, noting that policy makers and scientists need to “speak the same language”
  • Attended Session 1 (Session 1: Climate change mitigation – closing the gap between science, inventories and policy making) and Session 6 (Session 6: Regional efforts to constrain the global C cycle) in the afternoon
  • The ICOScapes photo exhibition was also in the afternoon and showcased photos from the photographer Konsta Punkka taken at ICOS sites (check out @kpunkka on instagram)

After the photo unveiling, I think we all agreed that the researchers at these ICOS sites really do “work for nature”.

Unveiling of the photo exhibition

Day 3: Poster Presentation

If you missed the poster, click here to download it!

  • I unfortunately did not attend the ICOS banquet held at the National House of Vinohardy, meaning there was some extra time to explore the city
  • Went to the Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Fun Fact: The Charles Bridge crosses over the Vltava River and its construction started in 1357 under the ruling of King Charles IV.

Old Town Square

Fun Fact: The Prague Orloj, which is in in Old Town Square, is the world’s oldest still working medieval astronomical clock.

Day 4: Final Day of Conference

  • During a morning plenary session, Holger Lange presented a talk on Combining remote sensing earth observations and in situ networks: detection of extreme events and optimal network size and design where he discussed the need for additional ICOS sites in Spain, South Eastern Europe and Western Russia
  • Attended Session 15 (Session 15: In-situ and remote sensing observations) in the afternoon
    • In his presentation on Measurement-based upscaling of pan-arctic net ecosystem exchange, Magnus Lund expressed a need for more carbon flux monitoring sites in the Arctic
  • Highlights from the conference closing remarks:
    • 300 participants from 30 countries attended the conference (50 more participants than last year!)
    • 80 talks
    • 10 exhibitors
    • 140+ posters

I would like to say a big thank you to all that were involved in this years ICOS Science Conference. It was truly an amazing experience.

See you at the 4th ICOS Science Conference in the Netherlands, 2020!


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