Forerunner Research is now EOSENSE

We are delighted to announce that we have a new name—it says more about what we do, but most importantly there is less to type.

The process of coming up with a name is brutal these days, since you really want your website and social media to all match neatly. But the creative horse power of the Forerunner team is awesome, and the winning name came from our production engineering and support manager, Willow Sereda-Meichel. Ta-daa…

EOSENSE – \ˈē-äsen(t)s\

EOS: Eos is the goddess of the dawn in Greek mythology. It may also refer to Aeos, one of the four horses that drew the chariot of the young God Helios in Greek mythology. -Wikipedia

SENSE: we make environmental devices that sense gases

Dawn, rebirth, horses, sun, life, hope, sensors – it all fits!

The products now get a little “eos” tacked onto the front of the internal nicknames that had migrated into common use:

eosGP – CO2 concentration Gas Probe
eosFD – CO2 soil flux chamber that uses Forced Diffusion technology
eosAC – multi-species gas AutoChamber for Picarro gas analyzers
eosMX – MultipleXer for eosAC

How to reach us:

Emails: [first name]
Twitter: @eosense

That’s it, now go check out the fabulous product photos that photographer Bruce Stevens created for our beautifully Precise Design-sculpted instruments—they are interspersed throughout the website. If you want to order an 8″x10″ or posters we understand, so just contact us.

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