From Vienna, Austria: EGU 2016

Hello, from EGU 2016!


Vienna, Austria

Last week I was in Vienna, AT for the annual European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly. The week started off a tad rainy and dreary outside, but inside the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) there was much activity: running around to set up posters and PICO presentations, scuttling off to sessions of interest.


Spring has sprung in Vienna!

I had the great opportunity to give the opening presentation for the “Production and transport of gases in the soil: measurements and modelling” session on Monday, April 18th where I presented research done by myself and Chance Creelman on the benefits of coupling above and below ground gas measurements to better understand gas production in the soil profile. The abstract is available on the EGU website if you would like to take a peek. This was a Presenting Interactive COntent (PICO) session, which was an interesting and engaging way to communicate scientific research among colleagues. I would like to say a a huge thank you to Martin Maier, Bernard Longdoz, and Jukka Pumpanen for convening that session.

It was a full week of many excellent Biogeosciences (BG) and Soil System Science (SSS) sessions. In particular, two sessions that I found to be the most interesting were):

A very exciting finding from the “Forests and the methane cycle” session was that boreal tree species play a much bigger role in methane exchange in boreal ecosystems than we thought. Both Katerina Machacova and Iikka Haikarainen’s research found that boreal trees emitted methane from their stems and shoots particularly when soils were wet. Their findings both highlight the importance of incorporating methane fluxes from trees in estimating ecosystem-level methane balances in boreal forests.


“Seasonal courses reveled that boreal trees emit methane even during winter time” by Katerina Machacova and colleagues (2016).



“Methane fluxes from boreal trees during the spring” by Iikka Haikarainen and colleagues (2016).



Inside the ACV

EGU 2016 was a blast, it was great to see so many faces, new and familiar. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to meet with me, it was a pleasure.

I am already looking forward to EGU17, see you all there next year!

Nick Nickerson

Chief Scientist at Eosense

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