Let’s Flashback to EGU 2015!

With record high numbers of abstracts being submitted for the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017 (EGU17) this week, what better time to bring out one of our old but great posters from our 2015 visit to the EGU.

We joined with Claire Phillips from the USDA ARS and the FluxLab for this poster titled “Can the gradient method improve our ability to predict soil respiration?.” The poster discusses how soil surface flux measurements can integrate respiration across steep vertical gradients of soil texture, moisture, temperature, and carbon substrates. While there are benefits to integrating complex soil processes in a single surface measure; one serious drawback of studying only surface respiration is the difficulty in generating predictive relationships from environmental drivers. In this poster we present several examples of how the inferred environmental sensitivity of soil respiration can be improved from observations of CO2 flux profiles in contract to surface fluxes alone.



View the poster in PDF here EGU_2015

Take a look at how we enjoyed our visit to Vienna last year in our blog post From Vienna, Austria: EGU 2016

We are very excited to be heading back to Vienna in April! Stay tuned for updates on what we will be presenting and follow us on Twitter for live updates while we are there!

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