AGU 2015 Forced Diffusion Poster

AGU 2015 Fall Meeting Poster – Forced Diffusion Technique



Back in December, Eosense attended the annual AGU15 Fall Meeting in San Francisco, CA to meet new faces, to see old familiar faces and to immerse ourselves in all of the exciting research being done. In addition to this we also officially unveiled our eosFD (Forced Diffusion) CO2 chamber.


The eosFD Chamber flow paths (left) and the current generation of eosFD chambers (right)

Our chief scientist, Nick Nickerson, presented a poster during the meeting, which showed field results from the use of the novel Forced Diffusion (FD) method in obtaining continuous soil respiration measurements.

Three eosFD CO2 chambers were deployed from late September through to early December and left unattended to collect continuous soil CO2 flux measurements. The data presented include two tropical storm events and the corresponding soil flux responses, snap-freeze events, as well as diel and synoptic flux variability. Data quality techniques and solar power issues are also discussed in the poster.

Feel free to download Nick’s poster for more detailed information and data analysis.

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