AGU15 Poster Highlight: Dr. Whendee Silver

We wanted to make sure this poster didn’t slip past anyone’s radar, which is why were are highlighting it with this post.

Dr. Whendee Silver’s team at University of California (Berkeley) showcased an excellent poster at the AGU 2015 Conference in San Francisco on their recent research in Puerto Rico looking at how soil oxygen and redox  conditions change over varied topography and climate within the Luquillo Experimental Forest (LEF).


Interestingly, during their research a severe drought occurred, which is an oddity due to the fact that the LEF is a tropical rainforest.

They observed predictable gas flux variations under normal (read: wet) conditions with respect to topography, however when the drought kicked in soil oxygen dramatically increased in response to soil moisture decrease. Iron oxidation increased while inorganic phosphorous decreased, potentially creating nutrient stressed plant and microbial communities.

Their findings provide insights into a unique weather event in the Luquillo Experimental Forest, which are invaluable in a time when climate change is already beginning to shape and change our ecosystems.

To see their poster, click here.

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