AGU 2015 Highlights

Eosense had the pleasure of heading to the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) annual conference in San Francisco, CA in December 2015. Nearly 24,000 people from all walks of geophysical life come together to network, share information, and drink beer. While beer is certainly a highlight, it was actually not the focus for this year’s Fall Meeting. Here is our list of highlights, Elon Musk aside, that we thoroughly enjoyed:

Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR-2):  A Special Scientific Assessment of Current Status and Opportunities I (link)

There were many noteworthy talks in this particular session but some of our favourites included:

  • David Butman’s “Aquatic carbon fluxes from the conterminous US and Alaska” (abstract)
  • David J. Moore’s “The loss of late successional species has a disproportionate impact on terrestrial carbon storage in North America” (abstract)
  • Melanie Mayes’ “The Contribution of Soils to North America’s Current and Future Climate” (abstract)
  • Ted Schurr’s “What Have We Learned About Arctic Carbon Since The First State of the Carbon Cycle Report?” (abstract)
  • Raymond Najjar’s “The Carbon Budget of Coastal Waters of Eastern North America” (abstract)

You can catch all of these sessions on the AGU On Demand site here, if you fancy viewing any of them.

Soils in a Changing World: The NEXUS of Climate, Water, Ecosystems, and Food Systems

This particular session was interesting as it linked the research being done to a broader issue, really putting things into perspective.

Whendee Silver’s talk “Soils as a Solution: The Potential of Rangelands to Contribute to Climate Change Mitigation” really stood out with its solution-based points versus the doom and gloom that can tend to take over when discussing climate change research (abstract). In addition to providing us with a positive action item, Whendee’s research went one step further by discussing what was already being done with this information in the state of California.

On another positive note, Bridget Scanlon had a positive message to share in her talk “Role of Soils in Hydrologic Response to Climate Extremes and Land Use Change“, which was sharing her finding that managing surface water and groundwater in unison has shown to be a successful technique in recharging depleted aquifers (abstract). Sharing information like this in a drought-ridden state like California certainly seems like some good news.

Our Customer & Partner Appreciation Party!

We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with and catching up with our customers and the Picarro crew at Schroeder’s Restaurant, an old German beer hall circa 1893. We drank and ate traditional German food and beer and had a fantastic bar tender! Thanks to all who came out and celebrated with us.

Cusomter-Appreciation-2015 Customer-Appreciation-2015


It should go without saying that meeting R2D2 at the Picarro booth was most certainly a highlight of the conference. Picarro engineer Grant McKinney started building in 2008 and completed R2D2’s body in 2010. It was impeccable timing given the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens the same week.

Jan Willem, the builder, and R2D2

Grant McKinney and his R2D2


Meeting Tom McElroy

We had the great fortune of being able to meet Tom McElroy, inventor of the UV Index. He just happened to be wandering by our booth and struck up a conversation; very easy going and down to earth. What a pleasure!

Gordon and Tom McElroy

Gordon and Tom McElroy

Pre-Christmas Craziness

It seemed as though all of San Francisco was awash in full-blown Christmas decor, really adding to the celebratory feeling that was felt at AGU 2015. It was particularly noticed in Sotto Mare and at Lori’s Diner. Such festive atmospheres and fantastic food. We will likely be back to enjoy both the decor and food again.


Sotto Mare Oysteria and Seafood

Lori's Diner

Lori’s Diner

Last but not Least: Releasing our Forced Diffusion (FD) Chamber

We couldn’t forget to mention something that we have worked so hard towards, which is getting our FD Chamber ready to be presented to the public, finally! It is just one of our innovative ways of measuring gas flux in the field and has proven to be very field-friendly.

the eosFD on display at AGU

the eosFD on display at AGU

Of course we also really enjoyed meeting new faces as well as seeing old familiar ones. We appreciated everyone stopping by our booth and showing interest in our products and just generally chatting. We had a fantastic time at AGU 2015 and are looking forward to seeing many faces, familiar and new, at AGU 2016.

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