UGT – Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH (Germany)

UGT GmbH develops, produces and distributes measurement and diagnostic technology for soil, water, atmosphere and plants as well as modules for environmental monitoring.

We install soil hydrological measurement sites at agricultural, forest, marsh and water ecosystems as well as monitoring and control stations at landfill sites, mining reclamation areas and non-standard sites.

In Situ (Sweden)

In Situ Instrument develops, designs and deploys systems for accurate environmental measurements in soil, water and air. For more than 30 years our turn-key solutions has provided the accurate data our customers need to make high-quality decisions.

Our products and solutions are based on world-leading technology and have been developed in close collaboration with customers, suppliers and research institutions.

Edaphic Scientific (Australia & New Zealand)

Edaphic Scientific provides scientific solutions for the monitoring of light, gas and water for industry, government agencies, scientists, researchers, engineers, consultants and students. They deliver monitoring solutions in Australia and New Zealand, including products for direct use or services where they solve the problem for you. Their offerings include: sensors, data loggers, remote download, project design, data analysis, and consultation.

Beijing Techno Solutions Inc. (China)

Beijing Techno Solutions Ltd. is a high-tech integrated system provider in China. They offer data acquisition systems covering almost a broad range of fields such as meteorology, hydrology, remote sensing, and industrial.

Headquartered in the capital of China, Beijing, Techno Solutions has three branch offices in Nanjing, Guangzhou, and Lanzhou that cover the East, South, and North West of China.

Scientific Instruments Business Group, SANYO TRADING CO. LTD. (Japan)

Sanyo Trading Co. Ltd. has been actively involved in international trading with their overseas associates and partners since 1947.  They distribute a variety of products such as raw materials, machinery and scientific instruments.  They are made up of a team of specialists well versed in the products/technologies and continue to offer new business opportunities to their clientele.  They are readily equipped to provide solutions and services that can create new market values.