Welcome to the Eosense Story

From environmental research scientists to upstream oil and gas service providers, we help you stay focused on your applications with easy-to-use hardware and software, expert knowledge, and enthusiastic support.

The Eosense story began as Forerunner Research with team of soil flux scientists and engineers fueled by the need for better ways to measure and understand environmental gases. This led to the development of the eosFD using our patented “forced diffusion” technology.

The Eosense story: eosAC soil flux chamber in Puerto Rico

eosAC in a rainforest in Puerto Rico

While developing the eosFD, the team also designed and delivered the eosAC, eosMX, and eosGP. The eosAC/eosMX combination is a modern take on traditional soil flux chamber equipment, and is designed specifically for the Los Gatos Research (LGR) and Picarro gas analyzers. The eosGP is a great little waterproof CO2 concentration probe, and is ideal for researchers frustrated by the expense of high-end waterproof probes or the hassle and risk of waterproofing cheaper probes.

Our soil flux chambers and gas probes now let scientists and engineers measure environmental gas flux and concentration with continuity and precision. Eosense instruments are deployed around the globe offering excellent performance in challenging field conditions.

The Eosense R&D team continues to investigate and create new ways for researchers to capture high quality data.

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